Friday, April 5, 2013

What The Guys Are Reading: Game of Thrones Edition

    Hey everyone, I’m back and decided to talk about one of the biggest pop culture phenomenons going on. A lot of people are asking what’s the big deal with Game of Thrones?
I mean what's their not to love
 With Season 3 of the HBO Spinoff just starting and praise for the previous two seasons, it seems as if you just can’t not notice this mammoth of a franchise.
   I’m here to tell you why guys, and a lot of gals, are really digging this series. It is so good because it has everything a guy wants. Sex, action, cursing, and zombies (of a sort). This book series is huge and a lot of guys that don’t read may not read the series but they know of they show. I started by watching the show and only recently got the books. The books are so much better but most guys don’t know this. So, if you want to get a guy a good gift he will appreciate, get him the first book in the series. Convince him to read it even if he says it will be a lot like the show. He will be hooked right when he reads the first chapter.

Bromance of the Century
     Guys are really going to enjoy the back and forth bickering between Ned and Robert. Ned is the sensible one but Robert is the king that just wants to kill everything. It’s like a dream come true for a guy. There isn’t really much of a love story that gets intwined in the story to hook a romantic side of a guy. To be honest, most of the marriages seem to be planned and no one really likes each other. So guys are gonna love not having to see their favorite character become a wuss because every character in this book is a badass in their own way. So pick up this book if you want to impress a friend or if you want to just read it yourself to get to know a guy. I would suggest this book as a stepping off point for guys that are looking for bigger books to read and haven’t really gotten to read a book bigger than a few hundred pages. It may seem large but it is a very fast read and totally worth it!

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