Monday, April 15, 2013

Off the Pages: Bellatrix Lestrange!

Hello! I'm Rachel, and this is the kind of post that I will be doing for the p10 blog!

Off the Pages is where I take a character from a book and describe their life as how I imagine it may be if they were pulled from their book and dropped in our world. Where would they live, what would their job be, their favourite foods, fashion style, you name it, I'll attempt to imagine it!

First up, Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter!
(I just had to start with someone crazy)

Bellatrix's new home: Probably someplace where she can watch everyone from a distance but not actually have to interact with the public unless it's on her terms. A luxury penthouse in the downtown of a city seems suitable.

Bellatrix's new job: I doubt that Bellatrix would actually work a proper job. Either she's inherited a fortune, blackmailed someone or is secretly a jewel thief, chances are slim that she would be willing to work hard enough to afford the lifestyle that comes with a penthouse.

Bellatrix's style: Biker chick inspired, without a doubt. I can definitely see Bella with a whole closet for leather jackets and combat boots. The hair would stay though. Nothing says insane like Bellatrix's hair.

Bellatrix's companions: As far as a roommate goes, I'm thinking cat. No one would be crazy enough to want to live with Bellatrix. I can just picture Bella keeping a cat- particularly an anti-social, bitter and scratching-inclined one- just so that she could whisper her evil plans to it and set it free in the building to leave hairballs in the stairwells. 

And to end, something a bit more random
Bellatrix's Favourite Movie Snack: What would Bella eat on those few evenings when she has nothing better to do than watch terrible thrillers from the '80s with her cat in her private movie theatre, I wonder? I think that spicy wasabi peas would be fitting. As a bonus, they are the perfect snack food for throwing at people.

So, what do you think? Am I anywhere near what you would imagine Bellatrix would be like if she was ripped from her pages and thrown into the fictionless world?

I'll be back next month for another character to investigate!


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  1. Bellatrix is amazingly creepy. Great subject choice for this post!