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British Small Talk

British Small Talk

Okay I know that the majority of people that will read will not be English. You will probably be from America, Europe or other parts of the world. So I thought it would be a great idea to show you how to talk to British People because let’s be honest we are a bit strange to the rest of you therefore we speak differently to each other, even if it is something to pass the time, so here are a few tips on how to make British small talk:

Tip 1: Say Hi/Hello

British people tend to be slightly embarrassed when being with strangers so if you so happen to be alone with a British person say hello and ask how we are because we are shy (we don’t know why) but once you get us talking we will not stop.

Tip 2: Complain about something

If you know anything about British people you will know we love to complain about anything and I mean anything from the weather (which is the best thing to complain about because we never have nice weather here, so we can always complain) the news, the recession or any other topic that we can moan about, and you will see a British give up the chance to complain  even if it’s something minor.

 Tip 3: Offer a cuppa (cup of tea)

Once you have a Brit talking and they feel comfortable around you, offer to have a cup of tea with them, they will say yes and go with you, because for us Brits a cup of tea is our traditional drink and we always have it with anything and it is the perfect reason just to have a chat, so tempt a Brit with a cup of tea and they will never say no.

Tip 4:Ask us questions

Everyone likes people to take an interest in what they are doing , and we Brits are the same, so ask us questions like “What are you doing today?” , “Where are you going” or even if it is just “Do you know where a nice tea/coffee shop is?” (Because I know you Americans like your coffee) and we will happy that we have helped you even in a little way.

And Lastly...

Tip 5: Compliment them

Everyone likes to be complimented especially the British because we are so self-conscious about ourselves so compliment someone, on their hair or their clothes and they will most likely tell where they got it from and how much it cost, which will make them less self-conscious and more likely to talk to you and then you will probably make a British friend.  
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