I'm not even sure how to start this.

I'm Ashelynn and if you follow Julie anywhere on the web, you probably know that I'm her assistant. What you probably don't know is that I'm a double major college student and have a day job. I really like staying busy. But because of all that's going on with my real life, I hardly have time to read and write. Or be on the Internet.

Sometimes, though, I am at these places on the web: Twitter | Goodreads | Facebook | Instagram

(Notice how all of those sites have iPhone apps? I'm glued to my iPhone.)

Other things you might want to know: when my anxiety is high, high, high, I tend to talk reeeeally fast. I believe in magic. I love working for Julie--every day I talk to her I think, "Wow! I'm talking to Julie Cross!" Then I remember I work for her and have to sit down. Although I'm a legal student, what I really want to do is write books. I love science fiction and fantasy. I have a pet turtle named Crush. I love it when books make me feel all the feelings. My hair is naturally red, and therefore, I do not have a soul. But I do have freckles, so I have stolen a few souls. (If you don't get that, we can't be friends.) And last but not least: middle grade books are my absolute favorites; I wish I could write one.

I can't list my favorite books, since that's too hard, but I will tell you my ultimate favorite books are the "quiet" ones. When The Sea is Rising Red by Cat Hellisen and Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey are two quiet books in the YAosphere that I absolutely love to death. And, of course, Julie's books.

I'm also the runner of this blog, so if you have any questions, you can email me at any time and I'll most definitely get back to you when I can: ashelynnhetland @ gmail dot com

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