Saturday, April 20, 2013

British Food

Okay let’s face it everyone has traditions when it comes to food and you would be surprised how much food can differ in different places for example the UK and the USA we both have very strange types of traditions without really realising it, like in the UK every Sunday we have what is called a Roast Dinner without fail, it wouldn’t be Sunday in the UK without a           roast, and I know in America you all love Apple Pie for some reasons I don’t understand. So I thought I would show some UK traditional food and ill explain why they are traditional Okay to start the UK food.

1.       Roast Dinner
As I already mentioned in the introduction a Roast Dinner in the UK is a big thing because its a tradition though we don’t know why, all of my friends and family have it done ever since I can remember and it is like this all over the UK, I don’t really know when this tradition started or why it started but I know it has been a British tradition for a long time. For those of you who don’t know a Roast Dinner is made from any kind of cooked meat you want, any kind of vegetables, and a Yorkshire pudding ( if you don’t know what it is , google it) and gravy ( optional)

2.Fish and Chips
Okay if you know anything about British Culture you will know we love our fish and chips (you can have it with mushy peas and gravy if you want), it’s almost our national dish, you can get them anywhere in the UK we absolutely adore it but I’m not sure why, and we get them from the chippy ( that’s a chip shop, well anywhere where you can get a takeaway) If you come to Britain you have to have one just to embrace the British-ness of it.

3.Full English Breakfast
Okay there is nothing better than waking up and having a full English Breakfast to wake you up, its the best way to start the day (well in my opinion anyway),It consists of eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread, mushrooms, baked beans and sometimes black pudding (you don’t want to know what its made of, trust me!) But if any of you come to England for a trip your hotel will offer this so at least try it.

4. Bubble and Squeak
Yes I know it’s a stupid name before you say anything, but it’s a British classic. Normally made from leftover vegetables from a Sunday Roast, such as potatoes and cabbage, and other vegetables and then mix them with mashed potatoes. You then fry them in a pan or bake them, which makes it bubble and squeak, hence the name. I have never personally had it but everyone I know who has had it has said it’s delicious.

And Lastly ...

5. Scouse
This is the signature dish where I am from: Liverpool, but it’s still popular in Britain, it’s got its name by the fact that people from Liverpool are called scousers and it just came from there. In the simplest form it’s a stew with beef chunks, potatoes and carrots but you can put anything in it , like beetroot (scousers love it!) some people even put leek in it but you can make it anyway you want. It is so simple and easy to make and it’s delicious.

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