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"The secret to being creative is knowing how to hide your sources"-Albert Einstein
 Hello everyone, My name is Natasha, though I always go by just Tasha! I am studying construction after 2 years of art and design though my heart lies in writing and photography. I am always out and about, either with my camera to get a new look on the world or inspiration for my next short story or drawing. I adore fantasy of all kinds, but when it comes to horror you will often find me hiding under the bed. 
 Currently I live in the wet but awesome land of Northern Ireland (setting of the awesome Game of Thrones TV show) and I am currently 19. Along with a few others I was part of the Original Perfect 10!

 Right now here is all you can find me, but I hope to have my own blog up again filled with everything random and fluffy. 

 10 things you might want to know:
1. Books. Anything with words and I lap it up like a cat with cream
2. I adore wolves and my goal is to see them in the wild
3.I am learning to play the acoustic guitar (my guitar is called Cole)
4. My camera is my second shadow, it goes everywhere
5.I have an unhealthy obsession with all things fluffy and cute
6.Venice is my favorite city
7. I am very, very random and will often get lost in my own world
8.I can't get rid of any of my books without knowing they will get a good home
9. I am always doodling designs for tattoos
10. I am fluent in mythological worlds

Top 5 authors:
1.  David Clement Davies
2. David Gemmell
3. Brent Weeks
4. Cassandra Clare
5. Maggie Stiefvater

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