Thursday, November 14, 2013

The book nook: rating system

Hey guys it's Hannah :) I have decided that for all my future book reviews that I would like to give a number rate for the book as well as the regular review. I don't want you guys to be confused by what  number means what so this is my rating system:

1- trite storyline and uninteresting to me
2- interesting story idea but confusing writing.
3- interesting story with some cool ideas but not the best writing.
4- good story, good supporting ideas, and good writing.
5- completely blown away, a book that changes the way you think or feel. Great story, great supporting ideas, and fantastic writing style.

It's a simple rating system but I hope you guys like it! I doubt I will ever review a book below a three because I rarely pick up a book I don't like, but I am trying to branch out what I'm reading this year so we will see! Please comment your rating system or if you have any suggestions for mine :)

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