Monday, March 25, 2013

Monica's Mismatched Book Couples


If you don't know, I did this a while back on Julie's blog and I had a blast but one every week was a bit too much for me. Okay, so it was a lot for me. 

I'm Monica, by the way. *waves* So you probably want to know what this is ...
...this is where I take a YA book character and match them with another YA character from another book (although it doesn't haven't necessarily be from a book). It doesn't have to be ones we would think would go together, but more like a fun experiment to see two worlds colliding. After doing so I answer these questions:

1) Where would they go for their first date?

2) What would they eat?

3) Would there be a first kiss to go with the first date?

It's actually much harder than you think. I always see crossovers on Tumblr and I always think "I would have never thought of that" and then I have two of my favorite book/TV show/movie colliding. 

This month we'll bend the rules a little bit. I'd thought I'd go with a friendship as oppose to romantic involvement because recently I finished reading Delirium and Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver (HOORAY FOR A TV SHOW!) and the writing is beautiful. It's lyrical and it feels like Lena, like a real human being with profound thoughts and I found myself thinking of Taherah Mafi's Shatter Me and Unravel Me. Beautiful and lyrical writing but not at all the same. 

I feel Lena and Juliette with their changing attitudes towards the government and character development along with their thoughts would make an awesome friendship. Both of them are becoming stronger and finding where they stand in the battle against a horrible world. 

1) Where would they go for their first date?
Hmm, not a date but I think Lena would take Juliette and show her the sun setting on the beach. Juliette being trapped in that cell and underground for so long with nothing but coldness. I think Lena would want her to get away from that, even for a little while. Then Juliette could tell her about the bird. I'm pretty sure Hana, Lena's best friend, would definitely tag along too.

2) What would they eat?
Both of them aren't and can't eat whatever they want considering where they are now but I do think Lena could bring down a rabbit or something while Juliette can scrounge up some fruit and water. They would just eat and look at the different colors of red, orange, yellow turning into grey and eventually the night. 

3) Would there be a first kiss to go with the first date?
Hahaha no. This is a bromance. Wait, what do you think this is? I mean, girls are girls, there is no word for this like there is with guys. It's just a friendship wait hold on .... *Googles* 

According to Yahoo! Answers it's a "womanance" 

I can't. 


  1. Womanance is kind of a mouthful. My roommate suggests "womance" as in woah-mance. Definitely easier to say. Also: my word of the day! Also: Also: Love this mismatched book couples topic. It's like mixing fandoms!!!! Wait...isn't that *looks around* illegal. Either way, I don't care. I am ready for my sentencing!

    1. Ohmysweetgoodness. I am so using "womance" from now on. Haha have you seen Tumblr? THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE MERGING FANDOMS! <3 <3 <3